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Serious about skin

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CND Vinylux - CND Shellac - CND Brisa Lite

CND Vinylux

VINYLUX Weekly Polish and Weekly Top Coat is a system uniquely designed to work together. Exposure to natural light secures the ProLight technology, creating an enduring, long-lasting polish. While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time.

You want quick drying polish? Check!

You want long lasting, quick drying polish? Check!

You want polish to match your Shellac? Check!

You want 62 fashion forward colours? Check!

You want a polish you can take off yourself? Check!

We have the entire range of VINYLUX polishes here at Calla Salon, and what's even better you can buy them in our online shop!  

Click here to buy VINLUX!

And at a measly £12 for a whopping great 15ml bottle you'd be mad not to take 2!

We use the world renowned Creative Nail Design (CND) Spa products for this, the most rejuvenating, the most luxurious manicure you have ever experienced. This is best described as a facial for the hands.

Your nails, hands and arms are thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated. Your nails are meticulously prepared to ensure optimum adhesion of the nail enamel, then are gently warmed in heated mitts. Each CreativeSpa manicure is finished with the award winning SolarOil, which we advise you to use daily as an aftercare product to keep your nails and cuticles in great condition. Choose from the invigorating Citrus Spa manicure or the sublimely hydrating Almond Spa manicure. 

"The best manicure in Newbury" TB - Newbury

CreativeSpa Pedicure (90 minutes)

The perfect pedicure!

Using minerals and trace elements found deep in the earth your tired feet will be revived and soothed during this intensively nourishing and rejuvenating pedicure. As with the manicure your nails will be perfectly prepared for your choice of Creative enamel, warmed in heated boots, and finished with SolarOil. For the warmer months we also perform the cooling Marine Spa pedicure. Put the spring back in your step!

"Newbury's pedicure queen!" JL - Newbury

Mini Manicure (40 minutes)

For those of us who would love a CreativeSpa manicure, but don't have the time, we offer a mini version. We concentrate on just your nails, taking care to ensure the same scrupulous preparation as always. In this manicure we clean, nourish and file your nails and finish with an enamel of your choice.

Mini Pedicure (45 minutes)

Still providing the same detailed attention to your toenails in this pedicure we clean and buff your feet, feed your nails and file them, and finish with one of our delectable Creative Nail Design enamels. 

CreativeSpa Manicure - Luxe treatment with heated mitts


Raw Earth Pedicure - Luxe treatment with heated booties


Mini Manicure


Mini Pedicure


Shape and Polish (feet)


Shape and Polish (hands)


CND Shellac Manicure & Pedicure

Shellac is a revolutionary new hybrid uv nail system ensuring lasting colour!

Shellac nail varnish goes on like a polish & is cured under a uv lamp making it instantly dry.

Shellac is thin & flexible like a polish, so it looks natural, yet provides strong natural nail protection.

Shellac does not damage the natural nail and there is no drilling, etching or buffing involved

Shellac does not chip or flake, lasts for 2 weeks & removes in minutes!

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CND Shellac manicure (including shape, cuticle work and colour)


CND Shellac pedicure (including shape, cuticle work and colour)


Shellac Removal (when carried out before reapplication)


Shellac Removal (standalone treatment)


To add Shellac to the range of Spa manicures/pedicures above


Callus Peel

A callus is an area of thickened, hard skin usually found over a bony area of your foot, on your heel, or on the ball of your foot. It can range from being aesthetically displeasing to being so painful that it restricts your choice of footwear and activity.

This amazing treatment deals very effectively with excess hard skin on your feet. In four easy, pain free steps I can give you pretty feet of which you will be truly proud!

I apply a skin softening patch, wrap the affected area in cling film and leave it for 10-15 minutes. I scrape off the softened callus like orange peel, file off the remaining callus and then finish with a moisturising cream.

This treatment can be added to the Raw Earth pedicure for the ultimate experience, or it can be carried out as a standalone treatment.

Callus Peel Heels - standalone (Add £5 for balls of feet)


Callus Peel Heels - as part of a Raw Earth pedicure (add £5 for balls of feet)


If the calluses are very extreme you may need a second treatment in a fortnight's time. On the whole I advise monthly treatments to keep on top of things.

For at home maintenance I advise nightly application of Flexitol heel balm before slipping your feet into light cotton socks designed to intensify the effect.

Flexitol Heel Balm 56g


Flexitol Heel Balm 112g


Cotton/lycra sleep socks


So, don't just dream about pretty feet, Callus Peel away the hard skin and step out in style!

"I never believed I could have pretty feet again - this is the most amazing pedicure treatment ever! Thank you!" KK - Newbury