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Serious about skin

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Treatments for eyelashes and eyebrows


We connect to each other when we make eye contact. Make the very most of your eyes with our divine treatments!

Eyelash Perming

This amazing treatment turns poker straight lashes into beautifully curled ones by perming them, just like you would perm your hair. Fear not! This perm lotion is gentle and quite safe - and we condition your lashes post treatment with a divine collagen lotion. The effect lasts for around 6 weeks, and the curl will not drop out even when wet - perfect for summer holidays!

Eyelash Tinting

Many of us think we have short eye lashes when in fact our lashes are long, but fair at the tips. Tinting your lashes gives the appearance of longer, darker lashes. Totally waterproof, this semi permanent treatment is a lovely alternative to mascara. The effect lasts for 6 - 8 weeks. Eyelash tinting will produce an intensive colour but will not provide volume.

"Lynne is the first and only therapist to carry out lash tining without making my eyes sting" SO, Bracknell

Eyebrow Tinting

Frame your eyes perfectly by tinting your brows to give a more defined look. Again, this completely waterproof treatment lasts 6 - 8 weeks.

All of the above require a patch test at least 24 hours in advance of the treatment. We offer tinting in the following colours: 

  • Black
  • Blue/Black
  • Brown
  • Grey

Eyebrow Shaping

Whilst we do offer waxing for brows our preferred method of producing the perfect arch is to tweeze. We find this to be a more controlled, more precise way, and less traumatic than wax on the delicate eye area.


This is an ancient method of hair removal which originated in India, but is continued through India, Asia, Turkey and the Middle East. Thankfully the ladies of Newbury don't have to travel far to have this done! The most popular treatment is eyebrow threading, but it's an ideal alternative to waxing for the chin and lip areas too. Threading the entire face is popular amongst Iranians but it was originally practised when a woman was getting married, or during special occasions. In ancient Persia threading was a sign that a girl had reached adulthood and had become a woman.

We use a pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy hairlines, moustaches, eyebrows etc. Unlike tweezing, where a single hair is pulled out each time, threading can remove and entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line. However, owing to a larger area of hair being removed at once, some people find this quite uncomfortable.

As the top layers of skin are not traumatised, threading is an ideal alternative for those with sensitive skin or who use Retin-A, Accutane etc.

"I LOVE the effect of eyebrow threading! I feel so groomed and glamorous!" JM, Newbury

Eyebrow Threading






Eyelash Enhancements

We'd all love to have long, luscious lashes, wouldn't we! Eyelash tinting and perming go a long way to make the most of your natural lashes; to go that little bit further we offer individual eyelash enhancements. These little bundles of eyelashes are applied to the natural lashes with a clinical grade adhesive, which won't sting or irritate contact lens wearers. They're perfect for special occasions like weddings, parties, prom nights. They come in various lengths to suit each part of your natural lash line. With proper aftercare they can last up to a week!

Eyelash Perming


Eyelash Tinting


Eyebrow Tinting


Precision Eyebrow Shaping


Total-Eyes (eyebrow shape, eyelash perm, lash & brow tinting)


Eyelash Enhancements

£1.25 per lash (£10 minimum charge)


If you want to use mascara or eyeliner I use and recommend only one award winning brand: Blinc.

Watch the video below to see just how Blinc works. Stop painting your lashes - tube them!


Its revolutionary formula means that your eyelashes are not painted as with traditional brands, but are "tubed". It's applied just like a regular mascara but when it sets it forms tiny tubes around the lashes. They will not flake, smudge, run or clump, and removing Blinc couldn't be easier. Lots of warm water and gentle pressure is all that's needed - no expensive eye makeup remover! Water alone will not remove Blinc making it perfect for swimming. Pressure alone will not remove it either, so if you rub your eyes Blinc stays put. Once tried, it's probably the only mascara you will ever use! (£19.00)


Blinc eyeliner works on a similar principle: it's applied just like any liquid liner but stays put until you decide to remove it, again with warm water and gentle pressure. It's contact lens and sensitve skin safe, and is the only liner sold by laser eye surgery clinics! Colours available: Black, Dark Blue, Medium Brown and Grey. (£19.00)

Lash Primer

Blinc Lash Primer's building properties create a base coat surrounding even the smallest lashes with amazing volume and length to amplify the effect of your Blinc mascara. It's long lasting, contains healing agents, and provides vitamin enriched conditioning to fortify your lashes, increasing their resistance to breakage. It's dye free, leaves no build up, and contains no fragrance. Apply one or two coats before going to bed, or under your mascara. (£13)

Heated Lash Curler

For a precise long-lasting curl Blinc Heated Lash Curler is simple-to-use and easily shapes lashes in seconds, with extravagant, long-lasting curves. It works without clamping or using excessive pressure making it safer and not damaging for your lashes. Blinc Lash Curler's simple yet advanced design gives you more control and makes it easy to reach and curl even your tiniest lashes. (£19)

Finally! The solution to tired, aching, irritated eyes. Say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness with the brilliant, innovative product that is eyeSlices!

This amazing slow release treatment pad sits over your eye and in just 5 minutes your eyes are relaxed, restored and revived. Botanically based and non irritant so even the most skin sensitive of our customers boast soothing and effective results.

Do you suffer from Hayfever? Do you make long haul flights? If so, eyeSlices are the perfect travel friendly product in their little clamshell container. They don't need a fridge - the patented cryogel material means that they stay cool on their own, providing your eyes with relief from itchiness and redness too. These innovative little pads are organically certified too!