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Serious about skin


EyeSlices - say goodbye to tired eyes!

Posted by calla-salon on April 5, 2009 at 11:27 PM

You know when your eyes are tired and puffy?  For me it's usually after a late night, or when one glass of Chablis turns in two! 

I'd been thinking for a while that during some of my facials the eyes don't get much of a look in (pardon the pun!) while the mask is on the face.  For those of you who've experienced the brilliant collagen veils will know that the eyes are covered with the veil itself, but the phyto mask, the thermo mask, and the Skin Perfect/Perfect Lift don't include the eyes.  I was researching ways of concealing dark circles under the eyes as well and came across a truly ground breaking product called EyeSlices.  These slow release gel pads are infused with Aloe Ferox.  They release moisture and Aloe onto the eye area reducing puffiness, relieving tired eyes and are a great excuse to lie still for 10 minutes!

They're cooling, calming and restorative, and they're even organically certified too!

I plan to use these during some of the facials, and to sell them in the salon too.

They're amazing value for money - you can use each pair of pads up to 10 times and they cost just £12 for a pair, including their own clam shell container.  Best of all when you need a new pair you don't have to buy a new shell, you can just buy the refills. 

I'll let you all know when they're in stock!

Categories: Salon Updates

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