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Serious about skin


 Welcome to the Calla Salon blog!

I will be updating the blog regularly to keep you all updated on new treatments.service, product reviews, industry trends etc.

Feel free to add comments!

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Come and see us at Newbury Racecourse!

Posted by calla-salon on April 18, 2009 at 5:37 AM Comments comments (0)

West Berkshire's Kick FM radio station is proudly organising this year's Feelgood Fortnight and Calla Salon will be exhibiting at the Family Fashion Feel Good event at Newbury Racecourse on Tuesday 21st April from 4pm until 6 30pm. 

Come along and try some fabulous treatments for FREE!

There will also be the opportunity to purchase many of the brilliant products we stock in the salon, including

  • eyeSlices
  • Blinc mascara and eyeliner
  • Fake Bake Babe Tools cosmetics
  • Spiezia 100% organic skin and body care
  • SwissDermyl high performing skincare from Switzerland
  • Cozmetic Lab 100% pure mineral makeup from Australia

See you there!

The eyeSlices are out already!

Posted by calla-salon on April 9, 2009 at 7:09 AM Comments comments (0)

I have only 3 left in stock!

Don't worry - I've ordered more - they should be with me on Tuesday. 

I shall be attending Newbury Weekly News' "Fashion - Family - Feelgood" event on 21st April at Newbury Racecourse.  Come and see the eyeSlices, have a complimentary hand massage, or have a jolly good sniff of Spiezia's 100% organic skin and body care range.  I defy anyone not to luuuurve the Lemongrass and Marigold Bodyscrub!

Click here for details of this and all the other events going on in Kick FM's Feelgood Fortnight.

See you there!

The eyeSlices are in!

Posted by calla-salon on April 7, 2009 at 8:34 PM Comments comments (0)

So, I took delivery of the eyeSlices yesterday and already I've sold half my stock!  These babies work SO well - they're great for hayfevery eyes, and for long haul flights as well as tired, puffy eyes and dark circles.

I've added them to the online shop too so you don't have to drop into the salon to pick up a pair; just order them online and I'll post them to you! 

Click here to grab yours while they're still in stock.

I'm SO impressed with these.  I sleep really badly and my eyes are often tired and puffy first thing in the morning.  5 minutes with the eyeSlices and my eyes are restored!

They're ridiculously good value too at only £12 per pack, and £8 for the refills!

Try them - I promise you won't be disappointed!

EyeSlices - say goodbye to tired eyes!

Posted by calla-salon on April 5, 2009 at 11:27 PM Comments comments (0)

You know when your eyes are tired and puffy?  For me it's usually after a late night, or when one glass of Chablis turns in two! 

I'd been thinking for a while that during some of my facials the eyes don't get much of a look in (pardon the pun!) while the mask is on the face.  For those of you who've experienced the brilliant collagen veils will know that the eyes are covered with the veil itself, but the phyto mask, the thermo mask, and the Skin Perfect/Perfect Lift don't include the eyes.  I was researching ways of concealing dark circles under the eyes as well and came across a truly ground breaking product called EyeSlices.  These slow release gel pads are infused with Aloe Ferox.  They release moisture and Aloe onto the eye area reducing puffiness, relieving tired eyes and are a great excuse to lie still for 10 minutes!

They're cooling, calming and restorative, and they're even organically certified too!

I plan to use these during some of the facials, and to sell them in the salon too.

They're amazing value for money - you can use each pair of pads up to 10 times and they cost just £12 for a pair, including their own clam shell container.  Best of all when you need a new pair you don't have to buy a new shell, you can just buy the refills. 

I'll let you all know when they're in stock!

Recession? What recession?

Posted by calla-salon on March 6, 2009 at 2:39 AM Comments comments (0)

Now, I know that some companies are really struggling at the moment, and that some awfully well known businesses are going to the wall, yet time and again I am faced with what I can only describe as utter hubris from some potential suppliers. 

I'm puzzled by this.  Either things are nowhere near as bad as the media would have us believe, or some companies have a very shortsighted attitude towards small businesses.  I guess time will tell.  I'll certainly be keeping my eye on said offenders to see how their businesses fare over the next 12 months!

It'd be interesting to hear your experiences at the hands of large companies versus small ones.  Are you treated any differently?  Would you prefer to support a small business or a large one?

Add a comment and let's see what's happening out there!

The Body Beautiful!

Posted by calla-salon on March 5, 2009 at 3:46 PM Comments comments (1)

I've had loads of enquiries lately about body treatments, so I've been looking into this.

Body exfoliation, body balms and butters, body sprays, scrubs and soaks - there's a whole cornucopia of treatments and products out there.  Organic and holistic ranges are very "of the moment" and I've been in sensory heaven sniffing them over the last couple of weeks!

I've contacted several companies and have been variously delighted, disappointed and disgusted with them.  Some don't even bother to return my calls, some send one single, solitary sample for an esoteric product which doesn't even form part of their core range, some tell me I'm not prestigious enough (the cheek!), some can't do enough for me.

I've whittled down the contenders to three now and should have the final one sorted within the next couple of weeks or so.  I'll be sure to keep you all updated with the result!

I'm really excited about offering these new treatments and products; I know I'm far more likely to keep my body well exfoliated and hydrated when I have delicious and delightful products in my bathroom, and I suspect that you are too!

And to all those companies who refuse to supply salons with fewer than five treatment rooms - get real!